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4871 Glade Chapel
Hillsboro, Mo. 63050

Gary      # (636) 226-7084
Steve     # (314) 599-6166
Russell  # (314) 800-9247


With over 200 projects completed in this area, we invite you to review our portfolio of some of our finished products.Double click on photo to enlarge it.
Why Choose Us?
1. Customers come first.
2. We do what we say we're going to do, within an agreed timeframe.
3.  Reg. with the B.B.B.
           Basic Concrete & Garages LLC.
                           (636) 226-7084
This page was last updated: July 1, 2005
This an the next three photos are of the floor, and the inside  of a garage we built.  With two views of the garage.This an the next 3 photos are of another driveway we did. Along with a Garage.  With different views of it. Up close to see the concrete driveway.From the road view.Half way up the driveway.A side view of the garage.This and the next four photos are of three sidewalks and a back porch, with steps we did in the City. This sidewalk goes from the road to the porch.One set of steps up to the porch.  As you can see they could not waite to use the porch.Another set of steps out to the sidewalk that goes out to the alleyway.The sidewalk that goes to the alley.Another sidewalk that goes to the front of the home.This was were they just wanted to add on to the driveway they already had.This was a Basketball court we poured for our boys at our home.This was a pad outside a basement door.This is a sidewalk to the air conditioner unit.This is a Sidewalk from the driveway to the front door, along with steps.This and the next three photos are different views of a 20x30 Garage we did.This photo an the next two are of a garage and driveway we did. They asked for a window above the doors it turned out real nice.The next photos take you step by step from the start to the finish of a Garage  being built with a apron infront of the Garage.This an the next 12 photos are of a carport they wanted turned into a attached garage from start to finish. It also came with a insulated rear door entry.This is what the Project looked like when done.This and the next three photos are of a 44 by 65 Pole Barn we did.This and the next 5 photos are of a sidewalk with steps next to a home to take water away from the foundation from start to finish.This photo and the next six photos are of a garage we custom built.  That also has a built in patio on the back side of it.It also has some fenceing we replaced for the owner.This is what it looks like on the inside.This is the project completed.This is the fence we replaced for the owner.This is another photo of the fence.This is a photo of how they use the patio area when the job was completed.This is a Garage we are getting ready to tear out and replace. A front view before we start.A rear view before we start.We have toren down the old garage along with the old concrete.  We also hauled off all the old garage and concreteHere we are digging the trenches getting it ready to pour the new garage floor.This is what the floor looks like before we pour the concrete.This is the garage floor with wire mess in it before we pour.This is the garage floor after the concrete floor has been poured.Here we are beginning to rebuild the customers garage.This is another view of the garage being rebuilt. You will have to go to the next page to see the rest of this job and more.