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This is the wall with the service door after it was put up.This is the inside of the wll with the window in it.The ouside wall with the service door.A view with all the walls up before the roof goes on looking inside the garage.Another view before the roof goes on.Another view of it.This is a front view of the garage when it is done.This is another view.A view from the front corner.A Side view.A view of the back side.A corner view from the back side.This is the beginning of a job we are starting.  It is a 20 x 22 Complete garage with a driveway.   Along with a  
10 x 12 Patio out side the Basement Door.This is another view of the site before we begin. Here shows the first Trench we dug as we are getting the ground ready for the Concrete Floor in the Garage we will be building..Here we are digging another trench and checking it so we are accurate on the size.Here we are digging the third trench out by hand and with a machine. Making sure it is correct and clean.This is what the job looks like with the wire mess in it before we pour the concrete floor of the Garage.This and the next two photos, shows what the sides around the garage floor look like before we pour the concrete.another side viewThis is a full view before the concrete.Here we have poured the concrete floor of the Garage.
The next four photos are of the Garage floor.Another view of the floor.Another view of the floor.Another view.Another view before we strip our forms.This is of the garage floor without the forms as we get the Driveway ready to be poured.This is the driveway before we pour it.Here is the driveway poured.In this photo of the driveway it shows how we made the front apron so all water will flow away from the garage.This photo is another view of the driveway.This is the 10 x 12 Patio out side the Basement door.This is another view of the Patio.Now in this photo we are starting to build the Garage walls and stand them.This is another wall from the inside view.This is a out side view of the walls before we put the roof on..Thie is a view of the inside of the garage with the roof on along with the window and service door.  Completed.This is the other side.  Completed.This is a full front view of the inside.  Completed.This is The front view of the Completed Garage with the door closed and the siding on it.The side view.The side view with the window and service door and front door.The side with just the service door and window.This is the back of the Garage.This is a view of the Completed Garage along with the Driveway.This is another view of the Full Driveway approach along with the Completed Garage. This and the next six photos are of a shed we did.This is a side view of the shed with two windows.This is the back view with a steel door and a window.This is a view of both doors and a window.This is the front of the shed with two glass doors and a step.This is what the shed looks like done.